100g Gold Bar at BEST PRICE + excess payment refunded in credits

100g Gold Bar at BEST PRICE + excess payment refunded in credits


Or 25,000,000 points to redeem

Buy physical gold at the best possible prices in Singapore through Experology x Gold Bullion

How this works

  1. Select this product with the quantity of 100g Gold Bar that you want, and proceed to checkout with full payment.
  2. Upon receiving your order, we will reserve a 100g Gold Bar for you if you choose to store with us, or we will ship the 10g Gold Bar to your shipping address.
  3. The price of the 100g Gold Bar will be calculated by deducting 2% off a local bank's sell gold price on that day (for orders made between 9am - 5pm) or for the following day.
  4. We will then credit your Experology points account with a value of $25000 less the gold price.
    Note: points on Experology will never expire, and may be used to offset your yacht charters or other services on Experology at a fixed rate of 1000 points for every dollar.

Terms & Conditions:

  • All gold orders shall be non-refundable.
  • Choice of refineries shall be subject to our discretion. Assigned gold bars are manufactured from accredited refiners on the LBMA Good Delivery list for gold. Common brands include, but is not limited to: Argor Heraeus, Credit Suisse, PAMP or Metalor. Each gold bar contains a minimum of .999 gold.
  • Should we be unable to fulfill the gold order due to any reason, we reserve the rights to void the order by making a full refund.

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