EXPEROLOGY Lifestyle Club

Experology is the Lifestyle Club that rewards you for experiences. Experology Lifestyle Club allows members to enjoy your lifestyle and experiences, while earning rebates and building your lifestyle experience.

Experology Lifestyle Club members earn Experology lifestyle points for every qualified spend with our lifestyle partners, including YachtCharter.sg, SkyFP.com, and more. Points can be used for further spend, redeem for cash or vouchers or left in the account balance to earn rebates.

Experology is the art of experiencing a desired lifestyle.

Join Experology – The Lifestyle Club that rewards you.

Mission and Vision

Experology aims to be the leading rewards club for lifestyle experiences globally, and we are starting our vision from the vibrant city of Singapore.

At Experology, we strive to bring more lifestyle experiences to discerning members like you, who appreciates the finer things in life. We believe that lifestyle need not be an expense, hence we continually look for curated lifestyle partners to reward you for living the lifestyle you deserve.