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1-carat round brilliant cut diamond by GemsTruly

1-carat round brilliant cut diamond by GemsTruly

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A 1 carat round brilliant cut superior diamond is provided to you by GemsTruly at great value, because GemsTruly deal direct at source to procure the best for you. This 1 carat round brilliant cut diamond will be colourless, with no fluorescence, and triple excellence in polish, symmetry & cut.

Round cut diamond is the most popular and expensive diamond shape, as it is generally superior to fancy shapes in terms of maximising brilliance and proper light reflection.

Colourless – the best diamonds of colour grade D, E and F are colourless, unlike the lower colour grade ones which may appear brownish or yellowish.

No fluorescence – fluorescence can negatively affect the colour appearance of diamonds, hence are generally considered as defects and are of lower in value. We source for those with no fluorescence, so what you get is a clear and colourless diamond that shines brilliantly.

Triple excellence in polish, symmetry & cut – excellent cut and finishing enhances the diamond’s value.

Loose diamond only. Customisation and setting may be arranged with GemsTruly at additional cost.

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