Important Notice: All new yacht bookings following the announcement of Singapore tightening of safe management measures shall continue to be subject to the same understanding and acknowledgement that
(1) Number of guests shall be limited by your booking, or prevailing safe management measures at sailing time, whichever lower.
(2) All guests are to comply with the prevailing rules and regulations as per

Lifestyle Rebate Plan (deferred topup)

Lifestyle Rebate Plan (deferred topup)

  • By: Experology
  • Product Code: Deferred Topup Scheme

Or 1,000,000 points to redeem

Enjoy a topup bonus of 40% when you do a deferred topup of your Experology account.

How it works

For a normal topup of $1000, you will receive 1,000,000 points upon payment confirmation. For the same topup of $1000 under our Deferred Topup Scheme, you will receive 1,000,000 points only at the end of 4 years. however, during these 4 years, you will also receive an additional 10% bonus rebate of 100,000 points credited to your account at the end of every year. This means you get a total of 1,400,000 points at the end, that’s an extra 40% over 4 years! No early termination is allowed for deferred topups.

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