YachtCharter.sg Mini Buffet (Halal-certified)

YachtCharter.sg Mini Buffet (Halal-certified)

  • By: YachtCharter.sg
  • Product Code: YachtFNB
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This product has a minimum quantity of 15

10 courses with minimum of 15 persons.

- No table setup for this Mini Buffet. Dishes will be packed in disposable trays/boxes. Disposable cutleries and serviettes will be provided.
- All dishes will be packed in disposable containers. Full set of disposable wares, serviettes and trash bag will be provided.
- Food portioning is based on 500gm serving per pax with additional 5% food buffer
- Orders need to be finalised at least 10 working days before actual event.
- No cancellation upon payment and confirmation.

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